Kids, toys, slow motion cameras.


This video project will feature the excited faces of children as they watch the chaotic action of small plastic wind up toys. Three cameras would film in extreme slow motion to capture the magic of both the simple but unpredictable movement of the toys and the enchantment and discovery on the faces of the children watching.

Set to a whimsical and organic musical score the end result will be a video that will entertain children and anyone who wants to recapture the joy of childhood.


The inspiration for WindUp came from watching my daughter play with wind up toys and this video:



We have a great production crew lined up for the WindUp movie shoot.

Those scheduled to appear include but are not limited to Stu Vose, Tom Robertson, Tom Sumner, Cody Morrow, Jim Flis, Brian Corbett, Chris Engles, Pete Sutton, Wesley Beattie, James Turner, Cindy Rosner, Kevin Coyne and a cast of dozens (of wind up toys.)

Logo and graphic design will be provided by Carolyn Rosner.  Production design will be provided by Jennifer Coyne.


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